General Information

100K steel is superior to Grade 50 material in strength in that it is 100,000 lbs minimum yield rather than 50,000 lbs minimum yield. 100K steel is ideal for general purpose hauling and may be a bit more forgiving than 50K steel with medium impact materials such as small rock and crushed demo materials. 100K is also great for asphalt, sand, dirt, gravel, and other small to medium aggregates. Just as with Grade 50 and AR materials, all 100K steels are not equal. Williamsen uses only ASTM certified 100K steel. The biggest advantage of using ASTM certified steel, is that it offers consistent pliability and weldability without sacrificing resilience and strength. Many 100K brands lack appropriate metal makeup and  pliability to shape and weld, which decreases the quality of craftsmanship and in some cases could eventually compromise the bodies structural integrity. Williamsen uses only ASTM certified 100K steel.

High strength 100K steel is a bit more expensive than Grade 50, but the potential return due to weight savings is much greater. Because 100K steel is 100% stronger than 50K steel, dump bodies manufactured of 100K steel can be constructed of thinner material without sacrificing strength. Weight savings are very beneficial to haulers who get paid by tonnage. The weight savings can also benefit those who want to conserve fuel.

• 100% stronger than 50K steel
• Can provide substantial weight savings 
• Lower cost than AR steel 
• Ideal for weight conscious general purpose hauling

Williamsen suggests that all customers interested in purchasing 100K steel dump bodies ask the manufacturer for mill material certifications to ensure that they are getting what they're paying for. If it's not premium certified ASTM 100K, then the customer may get a product constructed of lesser quality, lower yielding material.