WGSF Series
Heavy Duty Truck Body

Smart, durable design.
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EL Series
Elliptical Truck Body

Highly customizable and manufactured using only top quality ASTM certified materials.
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Semi-Elliptical Super
Dump Body

Maximize your payload with Williamsen-Godwin's Maxel Super Dump
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Water Tanks
Smart, Durable Design

Williamsen-Godwin's water trucks are designed for optimal on and off road performance.
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Pup Series
Heavy Duty Trailers

With hoist, axel, suspension and draw bar options there is a Williamsen-Godwin dump body for your specific pup trailer application.
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WSD Series
Small Dump Body

Williamsen-Godwin's small dump bodies are perfect for landscaping and lighter duty hauling.
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WG Series
Heavy Duty Truck Body

Williamsen-Godwin's crossmemberless design creates greater torsion resistance against twisting.
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Paint & Primer

Find out how Williamsen-Godwin is protecting your investment better than anyone by setting a new standard with thermoset paint and zinc primer.

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