Standard Sizes: 2000 (single axle) and 4000 (tandem axles


• 3/16 gauge ASTM-A-36 steel shell, end caps, and internal cross baffles
• Tank shape is modified ellipse with flat sides for space to put company
• 96” wide, height and wide determined by capacity in gallons required
• Clear tube sight gauge on rear
• 24” diameter manway and 2-1/2” hydrant fill pipe with air gap
• Heavy duty fenders
• 7 gauge formed-Z long members with boxed ends and channel cross
• Rear ladder for access to manway in tank
• All lights and reflectors are compliant with DOT requirements, wires encased in wire loom for protection
• Exterior of tank is sandblast and primed with epoxy grey primer then a single stage industrial PPG top coat is applied


• 3 Valve spray systems –
3 air operated UTEAV9030 valves controlled by a console in the cab. The first valve controls the two front spray heads, the second valve controls the two rear spray heads, and a third valve controls the center spray head


• 4x3 centrifugal cast iron pump 750 GPM @ 60 PSI with ceramic mechanical sea
• 5 Valve spray systems – 5 air operated UTEAV9030 valves controlled by a console in the cab. All five spray heads are controlled independently, two in the front, two at the rear, and one center spray head
• PTO pump or Auxiliary engine driven water pump applications
• Manual rewind 50’ x 1-1/2” hose reel with adjustable fog nozzle
• Includes mud flap for rear tires and 97 db audible back up alarm
• Spring front mounts with rubber cushion strips between truck frame and water tank


• Manual butterfly valves with 20’ x 3” hose for ditch fill operations
• Hose basket or pipe installed above fender for storage
• Water cannons
• Tanks built of Stainless Steel for potable water applications
• Water tanks stands for dump Body applications
• 3/4” garden hose valve
• Polibrid tank lining
• Bronze bushings for longer life
• Clear tube sight gauge on front
• Non-slip grip strut step ladder
• 10 gauge full length belly pan welded to bottom of the tank to prevent cracking in the most difficult of conditions
• Skid mount self-contained unit for dump bed applications
• Other options and configurations may be available upon request